January 30, 2019

Hair Force: Survive the Frigid Winter with Our Silk Lined Headgear

By Laci Mclean

Winter time is here, and we know that means cold air and forbidding temperatures usually resulting in a need for more moisture both on our skin and hair. During this time, to look its best, our hair requires much more TLC to give a vibrant and healthy look.  The best way to do that is by investing in some protection at Keep Your Hair Head Gear!

Silk-Satin to the rescue!

If you haven’t already, what are you waiting for? Cop your own silk military headgear now, your hair will thank you for it. We provide our customers with the best silk fabric sewn into the lining of military patrol caps and berets. Our headgear is specifically designed to protect the hair of our service women and men from the elements without ruining hairstyles. Ladies our satin scrunchies also give you the perfect hold, order yours now to help preserve and maintain your hair while you work out or train throughout the day.

Afro Glow

Afro hair comes with its fair share of unique challenges and requires much more care. As a part of your textured hair care regimen you may have to condition your hair at least once per week.  Our silk lined patrol caps and berets are perfect to help lock in moisture and keep your hair frizz free. What better way to keep your hair neat, no more tangled, dry hair or flattened curls ladies and guys no need to be fed up about styling and maintaining perfect soft waves or low cut curls, our military berets lined with soft silk is a perfect fit!


Look your best at all times

We guarantee that when you look in the mirror after purchasing any of our products, your hair will be intact and looking fresh.  Shop with us @KeepYourHairHeadgear and keep your hair looking fabulous!

Silk lined hats are even trending in civilian lifestyle click here to see the latest trends.


To our heroes

We would like to extend heartfelt gratitude for all the sacrifices you make or had made for us serving for our country, for ours and your own families. Thank you for your service!


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