The Acne Expert - One Potential Solution to Clearer Skin! ❤️🥰

by Afterpay Key on Mar 03, 2020

Sharing is Caring.

So..... I just wanted to share the results of consistent use of The Acne Expert products for 10 weeks.

I used a combination of these products three times per day: 1) in the morning when I wake up, 2) after my workout and 3) at night before bed.

Past acne prone skincare products were ok, but when acne returned, it left a prominent dark spot that would take months or even one year to fade. That had been a continuing cycle until now. I’m not a paid advertiser, but I’m sharing my results.  I still get acne, but the dark spot is not prominent and fades quickly. If you decide to try these products, you have to be consistent and read the instructions carefully. 

When I started using these products in December 2019, I didn’t read the instructions and my skin became extremely dry (like a desert 🌵).  The area around my mouth also became dark because I didn’t use the products properly.  These products shouldn’t be applied around the mouth (Acne Solution Cream 2.5%, Purifying Serum I) and what happened was my fault.  I was advised to use hydrocortisone ointment (NOT CREAM!!!! I repeat NOT hydrocortisone CREAM‼️) to brighten the area around my mouth and it actually worked!

I'm using these products, but it’s recommended to contact the company directly at by sending them a photo of your skin and asking for product recommendations. Had I done that, I could have saved a lot of money.

First order. Received 21 Dec 

Acne Kit for Severe Non-Inflamed Acne Quickstart Guide-Download Sent Via Email × 1

 Protection 30 × 1 - morning use

 Hydrating Moisturizer × 1 - morning use

 Rejuvenating Toner × 1 - I don't use this product because it's very strong (I use rosemary witch hazel)

 Acne Solution Cream 2.5% × 1 - night use/don’t use around mouth

 Purifying Serum I × 1 - don’t use around mouth

 Purifying Face & Body Scrub × 1 - post workout use

Second order - Received 4 Jan 

 Firming Serum × 1 - alternating night use

 Daily C Antioxidant Serum × 1 - morning use

 Soothing Gentle Cleanser × 1 - morning/night

 Brightening Cleanser × 1 - night use

 Brightening Cream × 1 - night use

 Brightening Pads × 1

 Calming Acne Mask × 1 - twice per week

 Drenching Serum × 1 - night use



2 March 2020 (10 Week Progress)

Here is an August 2021 Update Video

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 - Natasha 


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