March 06, 2019

Tips: How to get through basic training with natural hair.

By Laci Mclean

Are you starting basic training soon and have textured hair?

If you are wondering what to do with your hair, we completely understand your fears and concerns.

For most new recruits, the basic training process may seem like a lifetime. As a textured hair recruit, you’ll come to realize it’s not easy to maintain your hair during an exhausting 10 weeks of training, at least not without a proper hair care regimen or protective styling methods.

Due to time restrictions and training procedures, you will have to develop a ready-to-go mentality that you never had before. As a result, time spent on grooming will require strict style & go options or easy to maintain hairstyles. We have seen countless questions posted in online forums and the most commonly asked question is “How to style hair for basic training?”

We thought to share some articles that address these concerns and highlight protective styling options you can use to protect your hair during training. These articles are in no way addressing the hair grooming standards for all DOD branches, even though the standards are identical but address concerns for Army and Navy recruits with textured hair. For most naturals, their main concerns are hair breakage, dryness, and hair loss. We hope you find these tips useful.

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See tips below:

For 2 speedy hairstyles for naturals, see this article.

For 5 options to keeping your hair in regulation, see this article.




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