February 21, 2019

Embracing Your Natural Beauty: Transitioning to Natural Hair

By Laci Mclean


It is true, that many of us African American women or even black women from other ethnic groups with relaxed hair, at some point, have considered embracing our natural hair again.

How many times have you said "Enough with the chemicals?!" Whether your own reason is for self-love, self-empowerment or just to change up your look a bit, you can agree the process is not an easy one.  The easiest part is saying you want to, but the hardest part is following through to the end. This is where our dedication and patience is put to the test.  Some of us shun the length of time and process it takes to fully transition from a relaxed hair to our natural God-given tresses but fail to see that in due time the results will pay off.

 For most of us, it is quite a struggle, we aren’t really sure what to expect, and neither do we know how our significant other & family members might react. Not to mention, the researches we have to do about which natural hair care regimen to follow.

While some women are successful, others have failed miserably, often retreating instantly to chemicals then back on track to damaging our hair.

 Well, today I am here to tell you, you don’t have to take on this journey alone; if you think that’s the route you want to take, challenge yourself, maybe even find a group of women with similar interest and do it together. This way you motivate and inspire each other.

 In addition, there are countless resources available online whether blogs or vlogs of women sharing their relaxed hair transitional journey that you can learn from and won't have to feel alone.

Like this one below for example:

 Check out this blogpost for some insightful tips on transitioning from relaxed to natural, start embracing your true beauty.


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