November 24, 2019

What’s Your Relaxed, Natural, or Loc’d Haircare Regimen?

By Natasha Hinds
What’s Your Relaxed, Natural, or Loc’d Haircare Regimen?

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Whether I wore my hair as a relaxed, loose natural, or loc’d woman, I’ve always had a pretty structured haircare regimen.  All of my friends will tell you that we are able to talk, non-stop, about healthy haircare.  

Here it goes:

Relaxed Haircare Regimen

This is an email I sent to a friend in 2007. 😁

My KeraCare weekly routine:

-Before I shampoo my hair, I do something called a pre-poo.  I put a conditioner (I don't use my good conditioner, just a cheap one) and olive oil/jojoba oil on my hair while it is still dirty and dry.  I put a conditioning cap on it and leave it on for no less than an hour.  Do not sleep with conditioner on your hair because you will over moisturize it and cause it to be too soft.  

-Shampoo with “Keracare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo


-Condition with “Keracare Humecto Creme Conditioner” - Cover Your Hair with a plastic cap and sit under a hooded dryer for an hour. 


-“Keracare Leave-In Conditioner

-“Keracare Foam Wrap-Set Lotion” regular not the extra-hold version

-“Keracare Oil Moisturizer With Jojoba Oil” - I also use this in the middle of the week to prevent dryness

-It’s healthier to roller wrap your hair (use setting lotion, roll hair with magnetic rollers, sit under hooded dryer, remove rollers, wrap hair, sit back under the dryer, remove rollers, and style).

-If you prefer to blow dry and flat iron your hair, follow these steps

"Keracare Silken Seal" blow drying complex

"Keracare Cream Hair dress" heat protectant

-Flat Iron with Chi ceramic iron – (2-inch).  Just google it.  I bought mine off of E-Bay because it was less expensive.  They are pricey, but they are good, which I why I made the investment.  During normal circumstances, I would never pay this much for a hair appliance.  In the forum ( ), you will read about why ceramic flat irons are healthier for your hair.   

-Wrap – Do not use a boar brush to wrap your hair.  This will cause your ends to thin out if you continuously wrap and wrap and wrap your hair every night.  Only use a wide bristle Den-man brush or a comb to wrap your hair.

-Cover your hair with Satin/Silk scarf (not cotton)

-Get relaxers once every 10-12 weeks, trim ends after every relaxer, use a protein conditioner once every 8 weeks to strengthen the hair and follow that up with a deep moisturizing conditioner)

Natural Hair Transition Regimen

I transitioned for about 7 months with Senegalese Twists.  When I removed my last set of twists, my hair was matted.  I decided to do my big chop in three phases to become fully natural.  

Loose Natural Haircare Regimen

This is a message that I sent to someone in 2017.  I just turned my response into a blog.

-Read Our Blog Here -


Sisterlocks Haircare Regimen (as of December 2018)

-Band Hair with hair ties on shampoo day.

-Shampoo with sisterlocks shampoo once per week.

-Air dry

-Re-tie maintenance once per month.


Oh yeah, Please remember that silk and satin lined headwear will complement any healthy haircare regimen!






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