The Benefits of Wearing Satin or Silk-Lined Headwear

by Natasha Hinds on Aug 10, 2018


Satin is being heavily promoted within the natural hair community but for a good cause. Satin or Silk-Lined Headwear protects our natural tresses throughout the day, especially at nights. You’re always encouraged to cover your hair with a satin scarf or a cap. As well as, sleeping on a satin pillowcase or sheets. The smoothness of the satin material aids in bringing your hair to its optimal healthy state.

Here are the benefits of wearing satin or silk-lined headwear:

- Less Breakage and Tangles: When you compare cotton material to satin material you have to analyze the texture of it. The cotton material is not as smooth as satin or silk. The roughness from the cotton will create fiction which will lead to tangles and breakage in your hair. However, satin is smooth which allows your hair to glide and lay flat thus reducing any breakage or tangles that your hair may get.

- Retain Moisture: Satin/Silk-lined headwear allow us to retain moisture because of the materials that make it up. Polyester, Nylon, Acetate, and Rayon give the satin/silk material it’s smooth texture which will not leach the moisture from your hair. Thus, you are able to retain moisture that you applied to your strands for a longer period of time.

- Reduction in Hair Loss: Satin/Silk reduces hair loss because there is no friction being created between your hair and the material. Therefore, your hair is not breaking, tangling, receiving single strand knots or falling out in one particular area. So you are able to retain your hair as opposed to losing it.

- Shinier Hair: Moisture enhances the shine of your hair, however, if you use cotton headwear it will absorb the moisture from your hair. Remember satin doesn’t take away the moisture from your tresses hence your hair is able to retain its natural sheen.

- Longer Lasting Hair Styles: Imagine if you did a bomb hairstyle, then slept on a cotton pillowcase/sheet/headwear, and woke up the next day with bed head? You would have felt that all your hard work has gone down the drain. The silky material allows your hair to glide across it without any friction. Your hair is able to stay smooth for as long as possible thus allowing you to retain your hairstyle for days.

- Healthier Hair – Based on all the benefits stated earlier your hair will be in a better state. Satin/Silk aids in your hair reaching its optimal health. There are fewer tangles, hair loss, single strand knots and breakage so your hairstyle lasts longer. As well as, you are able to retain moisture and enhance your natural sheen, therefore, improving the overall health of your hair.

When shopping for your next satin or silk lined headwear, be careful. Since satin caps are trending because of its numerous benefits to your hair, there will be “knock-off” satin/silk headwear. You can actually test it by feeling the material for its smoothness. Please ensure that before you purchase the headwear is made from 100% satin/silk.

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