Pros and Cons of Sisterlocks

Most people are not sure whether to choose traditional or sisterlocks. It is worth noting that sisterlocks are more of a lifestyle than a mere hairstyle. It is important that you understand their pros and cons before you have them and regret later. Let’s first start by looking at their advantages.



Sisterlocks have a certain level of versatility. Sisterlocks are thinner and make your loose hair look fuller. Due to their thinness, sisterlocks can be styled in endless ways. Just be creative and try whichever style you want.



With sisterlocks, you don’t have to worry about the rain. Most women are scared of rain because it messes up their hair. You can easily wash them even after being rained on. Re-tightening can as well be done monthly so you do not have to keep worrying about going an extra mile to care for your hair. With sisterlocks, you don’t have to keep worrying about hair treatments and such stuff.



You don’t need numerous products to look good. Sisterlocks actually look better when clean and with application of less products. You can stay away from relaxers. You are good to go with organic and natural products.



Sisterlocks are relatively cheap to maintain when compared to most other hairstyles. They require less products and less treatments.



Initial cost

You might spend a lot of money for the first time. you may spend $80 for the first year of retightening and $250 for official retightening.



Finding a competent person to guide you on your hair journey is hard. Most people make mistakes during the early stages that cost them a lot later on. Most consultants do not bother to advice you on ways of maintain the health and strength of your sisterlocks.


Structured lifestyle

Having the same hairstyle for years or months can be boring at times. You need to take your time and decide whether you can handle such feelings.

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