Introducing Satin Lined Military Headwear

Greetings Everyone,  

This is our very first blog post about a new company designed to offer satin/silk lined military headwear as well as other types of satin/silk lined headwear and products.  

Our team members, who have served in the military and still enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, experienced extreme hair breakage due to constant use of headwear made from cotton, nylon, and wool fabric.  

For years, women and men have worn satin/silk scarves and bonnets underneath their hats and have slept on satin/silk pillow cases to protect their hair and skin.  

Keep Your Hair Headgear, LLC was founded in January 2017 and is here to provide a no fuss solution for anti-breakage military headwear.  We currently offer satin lined berets, silk lined patrol caps, and satin scrunchies as recommended by this Live Strong article. 

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