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About Us

WHO WE ARE. We are a Small Minority, Woman, and Veteran Owned Business.

WHAT WE DO. Cotton, nylon, and wool headgear are contributing factors (among others) to hair damage and loss. As we began to experience hair loss around our own hairlines while serving, we recognized a subtle disconnect between the need to present a professional appearance at all times and the need to foster an environment for healthy hair. Therefore, we set out on a mission to bridge the gap. Our satin and silk-lined products proved to be the perfect solution.

Benefits of Silk and Satin-Lined Headwear
- Less Breakage and Tangles
- Retain Moisture 
- Healthier Hair
- Shinier Hair
- Reduction in Hair Loss
- Longer Lasting Hair Styles 



Please note, we are not associated with any military base, whether Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, or Coast Guard. We are not a PX (Post Exchange), BX (Base Exchange), NEX (Navy Exchange), MCX (Marine Corps Exchange) or CGX (Coast Guard Exchange) nor do we have any association with any Exchange Stores.